Text Tips

Using text in graphics can enhance a web page greatly and actually “set the mood”. An elegant font will affect the visitor in a different way than a “fun” font. I have included many fonts on these pages to demonstrate this theory. Collecting fonts can become addicting. I have numerous links to free font sites […]

Stain Glass Pattern

Stain Glass Pattern from Vector Shapes This tutorial will teach you how to create a stain glass pattern from a vector shape. You can create the same pattern with raster shapes, but by using vectors, it’s much easier to resize your shape and your end graphic can be resized as a whole (more on that […]

Managing Plugins

Organizing Your Plugins Once you really get into Paint Shop Pro and start using filters things can get out of hand if you don’t have a plan for organization. I have my Paint Shop Pro set up as follows: This kind of a setup is important for Plugins, since the plugin directory will only show […]


Paint Shop Pro 5 now has layers. Look out Photoshop! This page will demonstrate how to use layers and paint brush practicality. Understanding layers can be a bit daunting. But, once you understand the concept, they open a whole new world for designing web graphics. Now you can create graphic templates that you can reuse, […]

Free Fonts

Since I quite often receive e-mail from people asking for some of the fonts I use on my pages, I decided to post some freeware fonts I have found on the internet. To the best of my knowledge all these fonts are freeware. If you know of any fonts listed here that are not freeware, […]

Cutoul Graphics

Wow. I had no idea. Ever since I put up my new opening page, I have been inundated with e-mail saying “how’d you do that”? So, here it is folks. First of all, this effect looks best with a fine grained pattern. You can do it with a colored background, but it is not quite […]

Chipotle Chill

Right about the time we began living a low-fat lifestyle, my husband bought me a cookbook “Chipotle Chile Cookbook” by Jacqueline Higuera McMahan (see cookbook recommendations) as a gift. This was my introduction to the chipotle chile and it has been an on-going love affair ever since. A chipotle chile is simply a smoked, dried red jalapeno. […]

PSP Version 5 Basics

Creating a New File When you create a new file in Paint Shop Pro, you must choose 16 million colors for most of the filters to work. I set my default to Background Color: White and Image Type: 16 million colors. If you save a file as a gif, when you open it again, the […]

PSP 7 View Menu

The view menu allows you access to many Paint Shop Pro features that will make your work easier and more efficient. The main features on this menu are View options such as full screen and zoom and alignment assists such as grids and guides. The following graphic illustrates the menu choices. This menu also contains […]

Curing the Jaggies with Colors

Curing the Jaggies with Colors>Adjust>Highlight, Midtone and Shadow This method works well with enlarged black and white graphics. When you enlarge a graphic, the edges become very pixelated (or get the “jaggies”). This is how to cure the jaggies from an enlarged image. Save the following “remote” graphic (downloaded from Qvicker’s wonderful site). Open the “shape.gif” image. […]