Masks 501

Layers is a very powerful new feature of Paint Shop Pro 5. They give you much more control over your graphic, allow for lots of experimentation before you save your final graphic, and they save you time in making multiple versions of one graphic with different backgrounds. But, masks work totally different with layers than […]


In a lot of ways, backgrounds are the “first impression” for your home page. How many times have you visited a home page that immediately put you off because the background was not compatible with the type or the graphics. Or, if you are like me, so dark it hurts your eyes. Most web authors […]

Stain Glass

For a great stain glass graphic, you can either start out with a pattern that is already colored (what I do in this tutorial since I feel I am very color impaired), or with a black and white stained glass pattern and fill with your choice of colors. For some great free Stain Glass patterns, […]

Print Shop Pro 5

Paint Shop Pro is a graphics program that has a lot of similar qualities to Photoshop. You can purchase Paint Shop Pro 5 for around $60.00 (see my links page), quite a bargain for what it does! There are also quite a few shareware plugins available that work with Paint Shop Pro. Some of the […]

Frame a Graphic

Placing a frame, or a mat and a frame around a picture or a graphic can be very effective and add a lot of class to your web page. Following are some ideas for framing a graphic or photo. These tutorials make extensive use of the Blade Pro plugin and several presets I have created. […]


Rectangular Buttons                  The first button was created with Paint Shop Pro’s Buttonizer Edge size Height: 8, Width: 8, Opacity 50, Transparent Edge; with background color set to button color. The second button was created the same as above except for Height: 4, Width: 4 and Solid Edge checked. The third button was created with […]

Graphic Links

Web Site Building Resources Lunarpages Are you looking for a reasonably priced and well-run web hosting service? If so, try Lunarpages. I highly recommend them. Lone Wolf’s Software If you like the Java Script “mouseover” effect, go to this page and download his freeware program Java Script Buttons II. Makes creating mouseover effects a snap! […]

PSP Text Effects

Metallic Text      I am recreating this effect that I demonstrate in my PSP 4 tutorial, even though I don’t think the Hot Wax Coating effect works as well in Version 5 as it did in Version 4. The following is the best I have come up with in recreating the effect in Version 5: […]

Picture Frames

Paint Shop Pro 6’s new Picture Frames is an exciting and fun addition to the program. But, creating your own frames can be a little confusing. This tutorial will teach you how to create your own Picture Frames and give you some tips and tricks on how to use them. Creating a Picture Frame A […]

Tiera-Zon Tutorial

Since you are visiting this tutorial, I suspect that you may have been bitten by the “fractal bug”. This tutorial is written for a freeware fractal program called Tiera-Zon. Go download the program if you don’t already have it since you will need it for this tutorial. This program is not exactly “intuitive” so I have […]