Blade Pro

Well folks…it’s finally here. A beveling plugin that works as well as Eye Candy and creates effects that Eye Candy can’t, all for only $49.00! Now we have the best of all worlds. With Paint Shop Pro and Blade Pro, what more could we ask for? I am writing this tutorial on Blade Pro because, […]


When we started living a low-fat lifestyle, we were sure that we would have to give up desserts. So we purchased a great ice cream machine. It is an electric Krups (the kind where you put the container in the freezer and keep it there until you need it). During the summer we frequently make […]


Some cuts of beef are fairly low in fat. But, if you eat beef, keep in mind that it is almost 100% saturated fat. A healthy low-fat lifestyle can allow for an occasional meal featuring beef, but they should be limited to no more than once a week. And, keep in mind that the longer […]

Quick & Yeast Breads

Breads are the ultimate comfort food. Who doesn’t remember a slice of hot bread, right out of the oven, slathered in butter? Well, hot bread is just as good without the butter! Bread recipes are not too difficult to convert to a low-fat lifestyle. Yeast breads are inherently low in fat, and you can substitute […]


Most pasta is low-fat and is full of fiber, therefore very good for you. But, many people get into trouble by loading pasta up with rich cream sauces or butter sauces. It is quite easy to make low-fat sauce for pasta. I make double all my sauces and freeze them for a quick meal one […]


We eat poultry at least three nights a week. Poultry is naturally low in fat as long as you don’t eat the skin. I mostly cook with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and occasionally I will use chicken thighs. We also eat ground turkey (ground breast meat only). Chicken and turkey breasts cook quickly, so they […]

Photo Edges

Fancy photographic edges are the current rage on the internet. You can purchase an expensive plugin program to create these special effects, or you can download the images following, convert them to masks, and create your own fancy photo edges. Following are a few samples:    Both the above examples use the same mask. The example […]


Chocolate…. What can I say. My husband is a serious chocoholic and always has been. He is also the baker in the family. So, when I changed our eating lifestyle to low-fat, he all but abandoned his baking. But, then I started running across low-fat chocolate recipes. When you substitute cocoa for bakers chocolate, you save a […]

Low-Fat Lifestyle Forum

This forum is for people who are interested in adopting a low-fat lifestyle or for those who are already living a low-fat lifestyle. My husband and I currently consume 20-40 grams of fat each day. I count grams of fat rather than calculate the percentage of fat/calories because I find it much easier and less […]

Installing PSP 7

Installing Paint shop Pro is pretty much a “no brainer”. You put the CD in and choose “install”. The only recommendation I have regarding installation is that you might want to change the folder where it installs. If you let it auto install, the program will install in C:/Program Files/JASC/Paint Shop Pro 7. That’s buried […]