In a lot of ways, backgrounds are the “first impression” for your home page. How many times have you visited a home page that immediately put you off because the background was not compatible with the type or the graphics. Or, if you are like me, so dark it hurts your eyes. Most web authors recommend light colored backgrounds in neutral colors. But, how do you make a background that will set your page apart from other pages. Just a little creativity and a good web graphics program like Paint Shop Pro is all you really need. If you are like me, you might find yourself obsessed with making backgrounds. I created “wallpaper” backgrounds for my home page from real wallpaper I scanned, then made into tiling graphics. All these wallpaper patterns are available for download on my “Free Graphics” page.

The following tutorials will teach you how to make edge backgrounds, seamless tile backgrounds, beveled backgrounds, embossed backgrounds and background sets.


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