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Since I quite often receive e-mail from people asking for some of the fonts I use on my pages, I decided to post some freeware fonts I have found on the internet. To the best of my knowledge all these fonts are freeware. If you know of any fonts listed here that are not freeware, let me know and I will remove them from the collection. Due to space limitations, I have placed all the fonts in one zip file for download. To download the fonts, just click on the download button at the bottom of the page. Also, for installation instructions, see bottom of page.

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Download Instructions and Font Tips

Windows 95:

For Windows 95 users, you can unzip the fonts directly into the Windows/Fonts folder and they will be installed.

For Windows users, you will need to unzip the fonts into a subdirectory (you might want to create one called “Fonts”, then use the Windows Font Install utility to install the fonts from that directory.

PS Fonts: If you have Post Script fonts installed (via Adobe Type Manager), you will need to do an adjustment in PSP to keep the program from crashing when you use these fonts. Open Adobe Type Manager, then go to Settings|Advanced and uncheck Screen Font Smoothing.

Font Management Tips: It is very easy to become addicted to fonts! But, the more fonts you install on your system the slower your system becomes. For Windows 95 users, you can move your fonts to a separate folder (perhaps you might want to call it “Fonts1”. Then, when you want to use a font, double click on the font from Explorer. This will bring up the “Font View” window. You can then minimize the window (don’t put the font away by clicking on the “x”!). As long as that font is open on your system, Paint Shop Pro will find it and load it with all the other fonts. I keep all my dingbat fonts in a folder called “Fonts_Dingbats”, and just bring them up when I need them. If you are really organized, you can create folders for font types (i.e. Fonts_Fancy, Fonts_Casual, Fonts_Serif’s, etc.) Then get a font viewer utility and print out a catalog of all your fonts in the folders. When you need a font, just open it up, open PSP and have a ball! There is a downside to this system, though. When you move a font to a regular windows folder, you no longer have the font name available to you. All you see is the font name.

A better alternative is to buy a font management program like Typograf (http://www.neuber.com/typograph/index.html). This inexpensive program will make your life much easier. When you open a folder of fonts in Typograf, they are all then available to any Windows program. You can categorize your fonts, view them (a really handy view for dingbats is to view them on the keyboard) and you can print your fonts (again, for dingbat fans, you can print your fonts in keyboard layout).

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