Graphic Links

Web Site Building Resources

  • Lunarpages Are you looking for a reasonably priced and well-run web hosting service? If so, try Lunarpages. I highly recommend them.
  • Lone Wolf’s Software If you like the Java Script “mouseover” effect, go to this page and download his freeware program Java Script Buttons II. Makes creating mouseover effects a snap!
  • For Industrial management software, ERP Software is the best
  • Cedge’s Cheat Sheet This is a great place to learn HTML tips and tricks. A very well-organized and informative site!
  • Web Monkey This is site covers all aspects of designing a website from Javascript to Flash and everything else you need to know to design a great website.

Graphic Programs and Filters

  • Jasc SoftwareHome page for Paint Shop Pro.
  • HomeSiteThis is not a graphics program. It is, in my opinion, the best HTML editor on the Internet today. Well worth the shareware fee.
  • Blade finally. An affordable beveling filter that works as well as Eye Candy’s Inner Bevel. If you don’t need all the extra plugins that come with Eye Candy, Blade Pro (at $49.00) is definitely what you want for a beveling filter.
  • Filters UnlimitedBoogie on over to this site and download this utility. Then pay the $35.00 shareware fee. It’s worth every penny. With this utility, you have 150 great filters at your fingertips. Plus, you can download any “8bf” filter into a database in the program (this includes all the Filter Factory Plugins). Once you have your filters in databases, you can move them around, rename them, etc. Then, you can use the randomize button to test effects and when you find an effect you like, you can save the preset for future use. This one is a MUST HAVE!
  • Picture DicerA great little freeware program that allows you to “dice” large graphics into smaller graphics for quicker loading. Dices your graphic and then writes the HTML to reassemble it.
  • Filter Factory PluginsMost works fine with Paint Shop Pro.

Shareware and Freeware Fonts

  • The Dingbat Page A huge assortment of dingbat fonts. One of the most up-to-date dingbat sites on the internet.
  • Astigmatic One EyeThis is where you can download the “Button” font I refer to in many of my tutorials.
  • FontenniumA great collection of old-style (antique) fonts.
  • Font DinerA great collection of retro-style fonts. Some freeware but the purchase fonts are very reasonably priced.
  • Fonts & ThingsA good collection of fonts.
  • Acid FontsAnother good collection of fonts.
  • Font PoolGood collection of fonts, nicely categorized.
  • Font FreakDingbat and text fonts. Pretty good collection.
  • Font Management Utility I highly recommend using a font management utility to handle your fonts. These utilities allow you to easily install and uninstall fonts, categorize fonts, print fonts and view fonts. My favorite is Typograf. This program is inexpensive and very powerful. I keep most of my fonts in folders and open the folders in Typograf when I want to use a particular font. For dingbat enthusiasts, this program is your dream come true. You can view your fonts and print your fonts in “keyboard” format (i.e. each dingbat is shown above the appropriate key on the keyboard).
  • Font Finding Hint: Go to http://www.google.com and enter “Free Fonts” in the search engine. You will find so many free font sites you may not see the light of day again for a week!

Usenet Newsgroups

  • comp.graphics.apps.paint-shop-pro The Usenet Newsgroup for Paint Shop Pro
  • alt.binaries.fonts A usenet newsgroup where people post fonts. Not all are legally posted, but you be the judge.

Other Paint Shop Pro Sites

  • JASC – Tutorial Sites A complete listing of PSP tutorial sites.
  • PSP Tutorial Links A great PSP links site organized by subject.
  • PSP Tutorials This is the place to go when you are looking for a specific tutorial. Renald has tutorials sorted by subject.
  • PSP FAQ An excellent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Paint Shop Pro and much, much more. This site is worth a visit just to experience Porter’s humor.
  • Tom Vallombroso (State of Entropy) Tom’s site has some very interesing and complex tutorials.

Web Graphics Sites

  • Jaguarwoman Graphics A collection of some of the most exquisite graphic sets I have ever seen. Visit this page. You will be awed and inspired…guaranteed!
  • DesktopPublishing.com Need a texture to design a background or a graphic? Visit this page for links to more free textures on the Internet than you could ever hope for!
  • The Wizard of Draws’ Graphics Treasury Absolutely delightful cartoon gifs…free!
  • The Mining Company Lots of links to web clip art
  • ArtToday offers over a million images and lots of fonts, ready for immediate download. Cheap subscriptions and free samples, too.
  • The Clipart CollectionA large collection of clip art, including animated gifs.
  • Amazon.com is where I buy all my books on-line. Their book prices are the best I have found on the Internet, their shipping costs are very reasonable and they usually ship Priority Mail at no extra cost. Try entering “Dover Clip Art” in the search box below to find tons of clip art books.
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