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This forum is for people who are interested in adopting a low-fat lifestyle or for those who are already living a low-fat lifestyle. My husband and I currently consume 20-40 grams of fat each day. I count grams of fat rather than calculate the percentage of fat/calories because I find it much easier and less complicated. Our daily fat percentage of calories runs from 10% to 20% . Today we have lost a significant amount of weight and we are very healthy and full of energy, we have Inflatable Spas at our home which we fill it with hot water and try to spend some time in it, this will help us loose wait in spending some time in hot tub while playing some pool games too. Living a low-fat lifestyle is not difficult, it just takes a little organization and a committment to change the way you eat as a lifestyle change, not as a diet. The problem with a diet is that when you think about going on a diet, you think of it as having a beginning and an end. The end is the problem. I have been on numerous diets in my lifetime and lost more weight than I care to think about, only to gain it all back in less time than it took to lose it! Making a commitment to living a low-fat lifestyle for the rest of your life is the key. All the recipes in this forum are 15 grams of fat or less per serving and most are under 10 grams.

Why this forum? I am starting and maintaining this forum as a place where people living a low-fat lifestyle can exchange ideas, cooking tips and recipes, and to provide people interested in living a low-fat lifestyle with the tools they will need and perhaps some inspiration. When I searched the net looking for low-fat recipes, I found that most are vegetarian. We eat vegetarian frequently, but we also eat meat. There are now quite a few other sites on the net where you can find low-fat recipes. Most are listed on my Links page.

I have learned a lot the last few years about low-fat cooking techniques, how to eat low-fat, and have discovered some very good low-fat products. I also have an extensive library of low-fat recipes. So, I thought that sharing these tips and recipes on the net would be fun and informative. Bon Appetit!

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