Managing Plugins

Organizing Your Plugins

Once you really get into Paint Shop Pro and start using filters things can get out of hand if you don’t have a plan for organization. I have my Paint Shop Pro set up as follows:

This kind of a setup is important for Plugins, since the plugin directory will only show so many filters on the menu. If you organize your filters in sub-directories, they will show up as follows:

Installing Plugins

All the plugins I have on this site are in zip format. If you don’t have an unzip program, I recommend Winzip available at Shareware.com. Once you have them ready to unzip, unzip them into a folder you have already set up, or with Winzip, if you give the program a folder name that doesn’t exist, it will create the folder for you.

There are two other files you need to have installed in your Windows\System folder. They are msvcrt10.dll and for some Photoshop plugins, “plugin.dll”. I can’t legally post the “plugin.dll” file since it is owned by Adobe and is distributed with Photoshop. Adobe considers the distribution of this DLL file to be piracy. I think that is pretty stupid myself. No one is going to buy Photoshop to obtain the DLL file just so they can get a few plugins to work! And, if Adobe knew how to “win friends and influence people” they would freely distribute this DLL file. After all, a lot of beginners on Paint Shop Pro will eventually purchase Photoshop. Oh well, go figure! Anyway, if you have both these DLL files in your Windows\System folder, most filters you download that say they work with Photoshop should work with Paint Shop Pro. There are some exceptions, you will learn which work and which don’t as you go. All of Alien Skin’s and Kais Power Tools filters work with Paint Shop Pro (or at least they do for me).

Setting Plugin Directory

Now you need to tell Paint Shop Pro where you have your plugins installed. To do this go to File|Preferences|General Program Preferences and click on the Plugin Filters tab. The following is how I have my Plugins set:

Note to Photoshop Users

There are quite a few Photoshop filters that work with Paint Shop Pro that can help your SEO, most notably the Image|Adjust filter. If you have Photoshop on your computer, you might want to install filters in folders under your Photoshop Plugins Folder and point Paint Shop Pro there.


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